All RR meetings in Washington State are invited to participate as members of Refuge Recovery Washington. We hold an annual service convention for our member meetings to determine what are the best ideas and strategies to help support member meetings and new meetings in the state. One Elected representative, plus an alternate representative from each meeting will be recognized at our Quarterly meetings and our Annual Service Convention.

Meeting Atmosphere Guidelines

Refuge Recovery Washington is committed to maintaining the atmosphere of recovery in RRWA meetings and Intersangha meetings.  Anyone whose behavior disrupts our meetings will be removed from those individual meetings to maintain the meeting atmosphere. We do not remove RR members for the content of their speech. This is the responsibility of the Secretary/Chair at both the individual meeting and Intersangha level. Secretaries of individual meetings will then hold group unanimity votes to determine if an individuals repeated disruptive actions in a meeting require barring that individual from an individual meeting. We consider this a very serious act and only to be taken as a last resort when necessary to protect our members and our meetings.

At RRWA, we do not tolerate harassment or stalking of our members (as defined by the State of Washington and Federal Law). RRWA will honor restraining orders issued by the courts that protect our members. RRWA members who feel they have been the victim of a crime by anyone who is a member of Refuge Recovery Washington should first call your local police and then your Refuge Recovery Mentor for support. We report all criminal accusations to the appropriate authorities.