Refuge Recovery Washington is a group of Refuge Recovery meetings in Washington State that meet regularly in order to support our meetings in ways individual meetings cannot, and to assist both new meetings and those seeking to start new Refuge Recovery meetings in Washington. We welcome all Refuge Recovery meetings in the state to join our organization. 

Refuge Recovery meetings began in WA immediately following the publication of the book Refuge Recovery in 2014. RRWA was established in late 2014 between meetings on Capitol Hill, Fremont and Denny Triangle. We established ourselves as a democratic autonomous group electing initial officers at that time. 

Meetings in the state grew to 15 by 2016 and the enlargement of the small and very informal Intersangha became necessary. All Refuge Recovery groups in the state were contacted in 2016 to join the expanding RRWA. Current membership in RRWA includes nine meetings.

Additional service positions were created and officers elected in 2017. We hold quarterly RRWA Intersangha Meetings open to all Refuge Recovery members and group representatives in the state. Please contact RRWA for Intersangha scheduling information.