Refuge Recovery Washington is a group of Refuge Recovery meetings in Washington State that meet regularly in order to support our meetings in ways individual meetings cannot, and to assist both new meetings and those seeking to start new Refuge Recovery meetings in Washington. We welcome all Refuge Recovery meetings in the state to join our organization. 

Refuge Recovery meetings began in WA immediately following the publication of the book Refuge Recovery in 2014. RRWA was established in late 2014 between meetings on Capitol Hill, Fremont and Denny Triangle. We established ourselves as a democratic autonomous group electing initial officers at that time. 

Meetings in the state grew to 15 by 2016 and the enlargement of the small and very informal Intersangha became necessary. All Refuge Recovery groups in the state were contacted in 2016 to join the expanding RRWA. Current membership in RRWA includes thirteen RR meetings.

Additional service positions were created and officers elected in 2017.

We hold quarterly RRWA Intersangha Meetings open to all Refuge Recovery members and group representatives in the state. Please contact RRWA for Intersangha scheduling information. All RR meetings in Washington State are invited to participate as members of Refuge Recovery Washington. We hold an annual service convention for our member meetings to determine what are the best ideas and strategies to help support member meetings and new meetings in the state. One Elected representative, plus an alternate representative from each meeting will be recognized at our Quarterly meetings and our Annual Service Convention.

Refuge Recovery Washington is an organization founded to provide support for member meetings in their mission to help the recovering addict. Refuge Recovery Washington member meetings follow the program of recovery contained in the book Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovering From Addiction, (1).

We have found the initial RR Guiding Principles to be insufficient to prevent divisiveness and conflict in our efforts to organize. Therefore, to ensure our purpose remains focused on the RRWA mission we adopt a set of traditions, in the place of the RR guiding principles, to provide further guidance on our path of service. It is our hope that adherence to these traditions will bring Refuge Recovery Washington and it’s member meetings success in our goal to provide aid to those still suffering from all forms of addiction.

(1.) 1st edition, 2014

RRWA Groups

RRWA groups are local, informal associations of recovering addicts. They are the foundation of the RR service structure. Groups are formed for the primary purpose of carrying the RR message, and all their activities should reflect that purpose. Conducting Refuge Recovery meetings is the primary activity of a RR group. Our member meetings use the program of recovery found in the book Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovering From Addiction, (1). The group may conduct its affairs in whatever way seems fit to its members, provided the group's actions are consistent with RRWA's Traditions, and do not adversely affect other groups or the entire RR Fellowship. RR group service representatives are elected to participate on behalf of the groups in the area committee and any future regional assembly.

The Intersangha Service Committee (ISC)

The Refuge Recovery Washington Intersangha Service Committee is the primary means by which the services of a local RR community are administered. The Intersangha Service committee is composed of group service representatives, administrative officers (chairperson, vice chairperson, treasurer), subcommittee chairpersons, and the area's regional committee members. The ISC elects its own officers, subcommittee chairpersons, and regional representatives.

The Metro Intersangha Service Committee (MISC)

A metropolitan service committee may exist to administer a single set of coordinated RR subcommittees in a city that has more than one ISC, eliminating duplication of services and providing greater effectiveness in carrying the RR message.